Thursday, July 5, 2012


Film snob or not, there aren't too many fans of the cinematic arts out there who can deny having at least some love for Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven Spielberg's 1981 homage to the serialized action material that powered his imagination as a child delivers on so many levels that very few of the action/adventure films that followed it, including Spielberg's sequels in the Indiana Jones series, feel as fresh or full of possibility as Raiders does.

Beginning tomorrow, PDX gets another chance to gather together in a theatrical setting to watch Harrison Ford wearing the hat, grabbing the whip, and transforming into the character he was born to play (yeah, I hear ya Star Wars fans--we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one).  The Hollywood Theatre's booked a 4-day run of the brand new 35mm print of the film.  One hopes that it won't be the last time that it's shown in town on actual film but, given the rush by the studios to erase analog exhibition, I wouldn't necessarily count on future opportunities to experience this king among blockbusters in this traditional and superior format.

Raiders of the Lost Ark begins a four-day run at the Hollywood Theatre on Friday, July 6th.  More info available here.


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