Sunday, October 7, 2012


This event crept up on me in a BIG way.  I've been pretty distracted while working the hustle and bustle of Video Verite's going out of business sale and (somehow) I lost all track of when the Rose Lowder retrospective was going down.  That being said, the Cinema Project folks certainly did their part to keep me up to date with their plans, delivering multiple essays and e-mails my way.  Sometimes, it seems; I can be a slacker, despite all the furious multitasking I do.  But enough excuses, what about the show?

Monday and Tuesday night brings a special evening of cinematic works by the French experimental filmmaker Rose Lowder.  The program is packed with thirteen shorts of deeply saturated, frame-by-frame magic, all of which, as is Cinema Project's curatorial forte, are difficult to see anywhere else.

Here's what the good folks at "the Project" have to say about the lineup:

Focusing on the colors, lines, and textures of the natural environment--flowers are a frequent subject--many of French filmmaker Rose Lowder’s films are quite literally composed frame by frame. Trained as a painter and sculptor, and having worked as a film editor, Rose is a continual experimenter in incamera editing. The technique she developed for her film Les tournesols (Sunflowers) involves adjusting the focus for each individual frame of film, moving to the next subject rather than using a zoom. The effect is a simultaneous feeling of movement and stability, creating a series of jumps and overlaps of bright sunflowers. In Voiliers et coquelicots (Poppies and Sailboats), one sees a surprising cross between Impressionism and Structuralism where colors are forced side by side, like the deep orange of the poppies in one frame and the cobalt blue of the water in the next. At times the frames seem to multiply onto the image and at other times they seem to divide. Then suddenly for a moment the sailboats are gliding among the poppy fields. 

Portland will be Rose’s first stop on her West Coast tour this fall. Join us for two unique nights of her work, including discussion with the filmmaker herself. Rose will also be at the Northwest Film Center School of Film on Sunday, October 7th for the free event “A Conversation with Rose Lowder” starting at 4pm. For more information, check

Cinema Project presents Petits Poèmes Fleuris: The Films of Rose Lowder on Monday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 9th at 7:30pm.  More info on the program available here.

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Dan and the crew at the Hollywood Theatre have yet another Shaw Brothers classic lined up for this month's Kung Fu Theater presentation.  On the menu: the über-obscure martial arts flick Iron Fingers of Death (1982), directed by Tang Chia (Lightning Fists of Shaolin).  As per usual with these monthly events, it's a rare 35mm print that will be on hand, so, if you've got any inclination to see the film, this is probably your only chance to see it on the big screen.

Another reason to show up at the Hollywood on Tuesday night: t-shirts.  The brand spankin' new Kung Fu Theater t-shirts, designed by "Kung Fu Bob" O'Brien go on sale Tuesday night for twenty bucks a piece.  Want a lil' preview of what your torso could look like after Tuesday night?  Take a gander:

Here's what the Kung Fu Theater release has to say about Tuesday night's event:

Iron Fingers of Death (aka Death Mask of the Ninja aka Shaolin Prince) (1982) 

Two princes are separated at birth. One is raised by the prime minster, and the other by three weird Shaolin Monks. Both are trained in kung fu, and must eventually combine forces to defeat the evil “Iron Fingers”. Along the way, they’ll encounter an aquatic assassin, a Chinese exorcism, and a group of monks who combine their bodies to become one intertwined mass of unstoppable fighting power. This is the directorial debut of Tang Chia, one of the greatest (and craziest) martial arts choreographers of all time. 

35mm kung fu trailers before the movie.

Iron Fingers of Death plays one-night-only at the Hollywood Theatre on Tuesday, October 9th at 7:30pm.  More info available here.

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