Saturday, October 27, 2012


I just wanted to briefly mention that tomorrow night at 7:30 the NW Film Center's School of Film is presenting a showcase of their certificate student's final projects.  I'm a friend and sometimes a collaborator with a couple of these graduating film folks, so I'm not going to get too deeply into hocking their wares.  But, if you're down to catch the work of some of Portland's emerging filmmakers, the Whitsell Auditorium is the place to be this Sunday.  Oh, and it's FREE!

For more details, we turn to the NWFC's press release for the event:

Join us as we screen and celebrate the achievements of this year’s matriculating School of Film Certificate Program students. Each filmmaker will present the short narrative film that they have created as the culminating effort of their studies. 

Stephanie Hough’s Heart compares the rituals of three brothers; Nathan Luppino’s Locks follows two lonely souls in the city; William Scheuner’s Lily takes a circus performer back to a pivotal moment in the past; and Shane Watson’s Changes explores the processing of loss and grief. 

These “final projects” showcase the skill and voice that each individual has developed over the years through class exercises, visiting artist sessions, group projects, faculty advising, and extracurricular pursuits.

A reception honoring the filmmakers begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Andree Stevens Room.

Certifiably Yours: New Film from the School of Film screens at the NW Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium (in the Portland Art Museum) on Sunday, October 28th at 7:30pm.  More info available here.

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