Sunday, March 25, 2012


Dan Halsted's Grindhouse Film Festival brings out the big guns next Tuesday, March 27th with a 35mm presentation of Italian-horror maestro Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell (aka City of the Living Dead).  

Gates of Hell's got more than its share of memorably macabre sequences, including a séance powerful enough to kill (or so it seems), a live burial, an army of maggots on the attack, and, perhaps most famously, an encounter between a drill bit and one man's skull.  And, lest we forget, the dead are returning, thanks to some kinda hoodoo-voodoo involving a priest, suicide and the gates of hell.

Here's what to expect, courtesy of Grindhouse Film Festival's press release:

GATES OF HELL (1980) A surreal Italian gutmuncher from gore-maestro Lucio Fulci!  A priest commits suicide and unwittingly opens the gateway to hell.  The rotting dead rise from their graves to feed on the living in gruesome fashion, while a psychic and a journalist attempt to stop the rancid carnage.  This is Lucio Fulci at his finest, so prepare yourself for zombie killing, head drilling, intestine spilling mayhem!  Powered by Fabio Frizzi's creepy soundtrack and top notch special effects.

35mm horror trailers before the movie.

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Gates of Hell will screen at the Hollywood Theatre for one night only: Tuesday, March 27th at 7:30pm.  Advanced tix + more info available here.

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