Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GRINDHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL presents VIGILANTE (1983) @the Hollywood Theatre tonight only!

Dan Halsted's Grindhouse Film Festival roars to life once again tonight (2/28) at The Hollywood Theatre with a one-night-only screening of William Lustig's 1983 vengeance-themed, genre flick Vigilante, starring Robert Forster (The Black Hole, Jackie Brown) and Fred Williamson (Hell Up in Harlem, Black Caesar).

As for the details, I defer to the experts at the Grindhouse webpage:

Vigilante (1983) Robert Forster stars as a New York everyman, with a blue-collar job and a small family he loves. When his family is violently assaulted by street punks, he is shocked to find the police and court system useless and corrupt. His co-worker (Fred Williamson) is fed up with the gangs and drug dealers who have taken over the city, and starts a vigilante group to take care of what the police are too terrified to do. Forster is hesitant to join, until he's finally pushed over the edge, and starts down a road of vengeance. This is one of the greatest revenge films ever made, directed by William Lustig (Maniac) and inspired by Italian crime films and spaghetti westerns.


As a bonus, here's a 2010 AVManiacs/CineFiles interview w/ William Lustig:

Vigilante will screen at the Hollywood Theatre for one night only: tonight (Feb. 28th) at 7:30pm.

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