Friday, March 23, 2012


One of the best of Alfred Hitchcock's British suspense thrillers hits the big screen once more at the Hollywood Theatre this weekend.  From 1938, The Lady Vanishes is many a Hitch fan's favorite of his pre-Hollywood work (mine is The 39 Steps), featuring Margaret Lockwood (Night Train to Munich), Michael Redgrave (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner) and, in the titular role, Dame May Whitty (Night Must Fall).

Some might argue, though, that the real star of the film is the train; its motions and movement drive the story forward throughout the picture.  Hitchcock certainly loved using rail travel as a device in his films, borrowing their kinetic energy and confined spaces for numerous films throughout his career.

In The Lady Vanishes, the tension is focused around what befell poor Miss Froy (Whitty), where she possibly could have vanished to, given the limited options aboard the train, and--again, due to the confined space--how the threat might extend to the leads of the film.

It's a cracking, suspense-driven voyage and it's only playing twice this weekend, so don't miss out!

Lady Vanishes plays at the Hollywood Theatre on March 24th & 25th at 2pm.  More info available here.

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